Pursing the Father, a look at a man called Job

I was invited to participate in an awesome group of women who are blogging their way through the Word of God! If you would like to read more about our thoughts about the book of Job, you can find the archives here

The end of the story…

I am picking up the story of Job with the last two chapters (41 and 42). In chapter 41, God continues to ask Job about different animals and ends with Leviathan, which some versions describe as a type of crocodile. In the New Living Translation, it describes it almost like a dragon! But the point was that God was asking Job if he could control this wild animal or if he could rope it up or put a hook in it. Knowing full well that Job could not. But the point God was making to Job was He was God and Job was not, in a nutshell!

Reading the book of Job was not an easy task, we begin with the introduction of Job who was a righteous man and was perfect in his ways. In other words, he was a good man who did things right. The scene opens up with the devil conversating with God about Job. If you have heard the story, you know that God granted permission for satan to basically try to destroy Job by getting him to deny God and turn away from his relationship with God. Job pursued God first and foremost.

The book goes on to tell of how Job lost all he had, his children, his animals, and on and on. His wife and his friends tried to get him to turn away from God, but in the middle of all the difficulties, Job still remained faithful to God. I encourage you to read the book in a few translations so you can get a good understanding of what has transpired to this point.

In the last chapter, Job responds to a question that God had posed to him, and Job admitted that he was giving answers that he really had no clue what he was talking about. Job humbled himself before God and truly recognized that God was God and Job was not. Job repented for trying to have all the right answers.

After the Lord spoke back to Job, He asked Job a peculiar request. I found it peculiar anyway! He asked Job if he would pray for his three friends who tried their best to convince Job that God was against him! Now at this point, I am sure that Job probably felt that these friends were more like enemies! But Job was obedient and God accepted his prayer for his friends, then verse ten says this:

And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Job 42:10

So in spite of Job losing all he had, receiving terrible advice from his wife and friends, being afflicted with boils and sickness, he maintained his integrity and his walk with God. He refused to turn away from God and persisted in his pursuit of the Father. God restored to him more children and servants and animals. He restored to Job his position of integrity within his community! He restored all that the enemy had stolen from him!

We don’t understand why Job was tested or why God allowed satan to try to destroy him, but we do know from all of this, that God is God and we are not! We also know that we have the ability within us to continue to remain strong in our connection with the Father, no matter what comes our way. We may never deal with all Job did, but each one of us has gone through things that have made us maybe want to give up.

What are some ways you can cultivate perseverance in your pursuit of the Father?
How do you remind yourself that God is faithful and will never leave or forsake you?
Lord, I lift up each person reading this today. Maybe they too feel that what they are going through is too much for them to bear. I ask that you will strengthen them and protect them today. I ask that you will give them the persistence and patience to get through all the trials and things they are facing. Lord, give them courage to stand for you even in the midst of advice from those around them that may not be the best advice. Let them follow you and keep their heart in right standing before you. AMEN

A big thank you to the Blogging Through The Bible women’s group for inviting me on this journey!



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