Pursuing God in the Psalms part 2

Again, it is such a privilege to be part of a group of people who are blogging their way through the Bible! We are slowly working our way through, just talking about our thoughts on the book of Psalms. To check out the archives, you can go here.

Today, we will be talking about Psalms 55 and 56. The title in the NKJV says “Trust in God Concerning the Treachery of Friends” As we read this chapter, in typical David style, he bares his heart openly before God. One thing I have always admired about David is that he allows the vulnerability of his heart to be out in the open. Me, I would rather hide it and stuff it down!

David starts chapter 55 with a plea to God to hear his cries. He says he is restless and moans noisily. Why? Because of all the noise and voices he was hearing from the enemy. He even goes as far as to say, if he was a dove, he would fly away! Wow! How many of you can relate to that? David goes on to talk about the evil and wickedness of those he is ranting to God about. Then he says, if this was a regular enemy, as in someone at war with him, he would understand why they were saying all these awful things about him. But they were not his enemies! Verse 13 says these were his companions and acquaintances! These were friends! As the old saying goes, “with friends like that, you need no enemies.”

In the midst of being betrayed by friends and companions though, David says in verse 16:

As for me, I will call upon God, and the Lord shall save me.

He gives us a wonderful example of how we are to call upon the Lord, focus our attention on God even in the middle of being betrayed. He even goes on to encourage us to cast our burdens on the Lord, and says God will sustain us! Such wonderful promises!

In the next chapter, David was praying for relief from his tormentors. We may not have physical enemies who want to see us destroyed (or maybe some do) but we do battle constantly against the enemies of our mind. Depression, hopelessness, fear, doubt, worry and unbelief among many others. When we cry out to God for relief, He hears us beloved! He cares so deeply about the things we are facing. When we are afraid, we can declare that we will trust in God. We can face the enemies of our mind like David and speak forth the promises of God. We can refuse to fear.

Even in days as we are facing right now, with the Covid-19 Virus, we can resist fear and look to the Lord for relief. David says God puts our tears on a bottle and sees every tear we cry. Several times in this chapter, David says I will not be afraid, I will trust God.

My friend, I encourage you today to trust in Him. He will see us through this. He has never failed us and He never will.

One thought on “Pursuing God in the Psalms part 2

  1. David is such a great example of how to be ALL-in for and with God. These Psalms are wonderful reminders to keep our focus by renewing our mind to our Father who loves us to life. Blessings as you continue your study! ♥


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