Pursuing God in a season of hopelessness.

Hope for the hopeless… tonight my heart is so burdened for those who feel so hopeless. When we feel hopeless we also feel helpless. Like there isn’t anything we can do to change the situation.

But oh, there is something we can do! Instead of allowing our mouth to utter the words of despair and feelings of abandonment and helplessness – if we could only choose to say the name of Jesus. Even if it takes whispering his name a million times in one night. We can choose to run to Him. Believe me I know what it is like to feel hopeless and in the middle of that quicksand- you feel as though you are drowning and no help in sight!

There is help! There is someone that loves you and values your life much more than you can ever believe! Yes, people can care and people can bear your burdens as well. But GOD is the one who can give you purpose and hope! He can help you change your way of thinking – from thoughts of despair and hopelessness to thoughts of good.

Jesus bore stripes and beatings not only for our physical healing but for our emotional healing as well!  You are crying out and feel no one hears you! The devil wants you to believe that you are alone! He wants you to believe that there is no one on your side.  These are lies!  Recognize them and see them as such!! 

Lies from the enemy convince you that life isn’t worth living- that no one cares! But they are LIES!! I am here to tell you today- you have a choice in front of you- you can allow the hopelessness to eat you alive and destroy you.  Or you can choose to find that find that glimmer deep inside.  You can chose to believe  Jesus who stretches out His hand for you and calls your name from the depths of the hell you are going through!  

Will you choose Him? Will you allow Him to give hope? He is the Lord of Hope! He calls out to you- don’t turn away from him! Don’t reject his plan. You may feel there is no purpose and no hope but my dear friend there is hope!!

In the middle of the deepest despair- JESUS IS THE ANSWER..

Father, I lift every person who will read this blog to you now. I ask that your love will reach them and they will reach out to you. Help them to know and understand that you are the way maker. You are the promise keeper. You love them immensely more than they could ever know. I release your healing power now to bring freedom and deliverance. I command hopelessness to be loosed from my friend today. Strengthen them and protect them. In Jesus’ name amen.

Godspeed my friend, Renae

Pursuing God in our dreams

Hello my friends! I found something I wrote several years ago and when I read it, I felt I needed to share it publicly. Everyone has a dream hidden away somewhere in their heart.

Hidden dreams

Are your dreams fresh and vivid in your mind? Can you tell your best friend the details and plans of the purpose or dream that has been captive inside you? Or are your dreams as faded as your parents old black and white portrait hanging on the wall.

Dreams are meant to to be grasped and to get carried away with. Dreams are meant to stretch your imagination. A vision of better. A vision of what you are pulled to in life. When dreams are crushed and spat upon it makes you afraid to dream. Afraid to look forward to the future. When dreams are mocked and made light of they become dormant. Hiding in a heart enshrouded by a wall that is thought to be protection.

Instead of protecting the dream,  the walls have built up a fortress so thick that no-one even has caught a glimpse of the dreams you hold inside. 

But wait,  before you throw away the key,  and yes i am talking to myself,  before the key is tossed into the ocean’s wind- there’s someone who would like to have a look at what you hold so guarded  inside.   He is gentle and tender and reaches for the key in your clenched fist.  As he uncurled your fingers you see the love in His eyes that is beyond anything you have seen in a human. 

He puts his other hand on your shoulder as you reluctantly surrender the key.  As he continues to wrap his arm and love around you he turns you to the rusted door to the walls surrounding your heart….and your dream…  as the key is turned and the door creaks open-ended you don’t dare to look inside.  You expect a shriveled, tarnished whiff of a dream,  but instead you see a soft white shawl made of the purest white yarn and softer than a butterfly’s wings.  You gasp in silence wondering how could your dreams have turned into this when all the time they had been locked behind a door of iron and walls of steel. 

He- the one whose eyes bore the very definition of love – walks into the room that has held fast your heart. He picks up the white shawl and wraps it oh so tenderly around your shoulders. You take a sharp breath at the lightness and the beauty of what surrounds you. ” Is this my dream?”, You ask the God-man at your side. He smiles and says “Yes my dear heart, this is that which I have protected. That which you thought was shattered into a million pieces. “

As the exquisite material surrounds you and fills your senses with a giddiness that you last experienced as a care free child you begin to think about the dreams you have held inside. You begin to allow your imagination to be pulled upwards as a colorful hot air balloon. You begin to see the blue sky, the flowers and the trees. The greenness of the grass and the hues of the sky. And then as He grasps your hand you feel HOPE…… you know you are not alone now and with Him by your side – the King of Kings living within on the throne of your heart. You begin to fly.

My friends, don’t let go of your dreams and hopes for the future. Write them down and pray over them!

Godspeed, Renae

Pursuing God during the winter season

Brrrr… This morning the wind chill was at freezing and I thought to myself “I am just not ready for winter!”

As I thought about this, I know winter is really hard for a lot of people. The shorter daylight hours can bring about seasonal depression for some. The cold weather can mean pain for those who suffer with arthritis. The leaves are falling quickly and the bright colors they bring will fade to blank trees.

But also many are going through a “winter” season. It seems like it is cold, bleak and maybe hopeless. Maybe 2020 has almost taken you out. Maybe most of the year has felt like “winter” to you.

My friend I want to encourage you to keep pursuing God in the middle of these winter seasons. The winter won’t last forever. Joy will come in the morning. Below are a few tips to help you stay in hot pursuit of God during this “winter”.

Make time with God a priority.

“O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You In a dry and thirsty land Where there is no water.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭63:1‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Often during the winter season it is difficult to stay focused on our consistent time with God. But when we will press through and spend time in prayer and the Word, we arm our souls (mind, will & emotions) with strength that we need.

Spend time in the SONshine

Studying the life of Jesus during your winter season will show you how He made it through His dark times. From dealing with betrayal to times of extreme pain from the cross .

“Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.””
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭31:6‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Turn the music on!

Worship music will turn your focus into Jesus and off the winter season. There is so much wonderful worship music out that will lift your spirit. Not only listen, but learn these songs and sing them out loud! Singing praises to the Father is a sure way to shift your focus.

Winter won’t last forever. The cold will give way to spring’s mild temperatures. Likewise the winter season you may be experiencing will not last forever. Don’t give up. God loves you so very much and will bring you through this dreary blah place you may be in.

Shalom and may God’s favor be on you.